About Us

Who We Are

Prospero Teaching is a specialist, award-winning agency, with offices across the UK, dedicated teams of candidate managers, compliance, in-house teacher resources and finance supporting our teachers.

This specialist division sits within a larger privately-owned group, Prospero Recruitment Ltd, a medium-sized agency with 100+ staff. We have doubled in size every year for the last three years, continue to grow and invest ensuring Prospero is an exciting, dynamic sector leader.

You can take comfort in the knowledge that Prospero Teaching is an established enterprise (formed in 2000) nestled within a wider business framework supported by the backing of its sister brands; Integrated, Health & Social Care, IT & Technical and Engineering, strengthening our core business.

Prospero Teaching has been commissioned by the UK Government’s Department for Education to offer a unique programme that recruits and supports qualified, international Maths and Science Teachers to teach in England in partnership with school networks. As a DfE approved international recruitment provider Prospero Teaching is

  • Sourcing Maths and Physics Teachers from Australia, New Zealand, Canada and America
  • Matching teachers to school requirements
  • Arranging interviews
  • Supporting visa processes

Teachers will receive support, visa and relocation advice and a support and acclimatisation package

  • Pre-arrival support
  • On arrival training including lesson planning, safeguarding, behaviour management and much more
  • On-going CPD and in-school mentoring


I was recently asked what my vision, mission, values and brand are for Prospero? That’s easy I said.

Our vision: “To be the recruitment and training agency of choice for clients and candidates”

Our mission: “To provide our clients with the best candidates we can, so they will go on to shape and inspire minds, to develop their own careers and to allow our clients and candidates to grow and fulfil their ambition”

Our values: “Family, Trust, Quality, Professionalism and Empowerment”

Our Brand: “Professionalism, expertise and a deep sense of caring for our client’s and candidates needs and satisfaction”

So you can see that the impact we all have is far reaching…

I do believe that if asked what as a boss I can do to improve things, I’d say…keep moving forward, whether it’s the training, the culture or the processes etc ….and it’s my job to make sure that we continue to improve, but I do truly believe we have the best people to achieve and exceed these goals………and reach for the stars.

Robert Grays
Managing Director